INDIEFEMME has created extremely specific budgets, all necessary to achieve success and growth. 

The Company has also developed several possible streams of revenue that can each double the company's total startup costs.

Below is a summary of INDIEFEMME's entire budget, each with a separate backup for review by serious partners.


INDIEFEMME will use multiple vehicles to reach at least 100M viewers, estimating to earn the attention of at least 10% of this goal. Of the 10 million people who see some aspect of INDIEFEMME content, we will work earnestly to convert a minimum of 2% to engagement and sales.


ZORA 2020 FILM - Individual Download Revenue or Streaming/Licensing Deals


ZORA 2020 Workbook - Revenue From Individual or Institution Download and Hard Copy


ZORA 2020 LIVE - Theatre Deals, Concessions, Vendor deals


ZORA 2020 Roundtables - Streaming/Licensing Deals and/or Company Streaming partnership through Youtube, 


GIFTS/APPAREL - Sales and Celebrity Recognition will take INDIEWEAR to profit 


AD SALES - IF Magazine will be an influencer unto itself, offering independent

artists and entrepreneurs ad space otherwise unaffordable in other publications.

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