A unique, theatrically presented Filmmaking Workshop through the perspective of professional women in the business. 

“Women, in any fully human form, have almost completely been left out of film…” 

Women and people of color are still overwhelmingly marginalized in mainstream film, TV, and media. The few who break through must prove higher numbers with a lower budget than their white male counterparts. With all of the hurdles we have to jump over for art, one might ask, is it even worth it? The answer is an unequivocal YES! 

The goal of INDIEFEMME FILMS is not only to create content that mirrors the world we see through art, media, and entrepreneurship but more importantly to illustrate the reality we want to manifest. 

Our INDIEFEMMINAR educates young women about jobs in front of and behind the camera. Women will teach all facets of production from their various perspectives and expertise.


We will provide opportunities for participants to continue their education in their respective fields of interest. We’ve created a virtual network that allows members to find their own company members, employment, and/or mentorship.   

IndieFemme's long term goal is to build a women-owned and operated professional performing, production and education studio.  

The following is a sample of our INDIEFEMMINAR Schedule:

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