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Ancient Problems. New Perspectives. Current Events.

Apr 2, 2018

Ascension - Contemplating the Truth of Easter


Edited: Apr 2, 2018

I spent a many of Easters practicing Daryl Coley “Come Sunday” runs and thinking on the goodness of Jesus. This Easter, I decided to contemplate what it really means to be born, to rise, ascend… then return. Every tradition deals with these concepts in their own way.

This Easter I wanted to go beyond my Ishtar cynicism and contemplate the truth of the holiday. It’s sort of difficult for our western mindset to consider the voluptuous goddess of fertility and rebirth beyond bunnies, eggs, intercourse and ecstasy, but she really symbolizes the phenomena of being born and being aware; “like Us.” So instead of a new crown and pastel suit, I decided to make Easter a day to revere life and consciousness.


There are over 200 billion suns in the milky way, and billions of more galaxies with billions of more suns. We have a 1 in 4 trillion chance of being born. We are a speck of a speck of a speck… so what could it possibly mean “to be born in sin?” Why do I need to be saved? And once we answer all that, why are so many soldiers and civilians dying longer, more heinous, more painful deaths than Jesus? What is it about this particular ass whoopin and execution that offers all of humanity eternal life or else hellfire and brimstone for all of eternity? What is good? What is evil? Can you have one without the other and know it? And what sort of deal is it to exchange 100-year stint on Earth for an eternity of damnation - which is billions and billions of years – and that’s only if we’re at the half-way mark of whatever time is … I dunno… Something stinks like rotten fish and stale bread.


It’s easy to be dismissive and cynical, isn’t it? But I can’t. There’s something important and mystical about Easter; something real; something under attack. I can’t help but think about the klan-like capriotes worn during Holy week rituals in Spain. These hoods are worn in a ceremony that not only marks the crucifixion but the very moment of Jesus’ ascension. What Force led/leads a maniacal group of largely poor and uneducated white folks to hide under one of the holiest of symbols, then attack innocent citizens? It’s not a coincidence. Somehow, every holy symbol and practice has been bastardized by really stupid, largely illiterate, hateful pawns; the capriote, swastika, eye of Horus, cross, etc…


I reread the biblical story but this time thought of Jesus as a symbol of all flesh and the Christ as a state of enlightenment (as according pre-Abrahamic spiritual systems). The biblical stories were edited, not written, so I want to discern for myself what they mean. According to ancient beliefs, the answers include a multitude of interpretations. So, I’ve decided to make the Easter holiday one of discourse.


What does Easter mean to you? How much have you thought about it?


Ascension by Eddie Calz Deviant Art