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Ancient Problems. New Perspectives. Current Events.

Feb 23, 2018

"There's No Such Thing as a "Ditzy Fro"


Edited: Feb 23, 2018


Okay. No one is boycotting Netflix. Black Twitter was hilarious. We had our fun. Now what? Where are all the posts? Why isn't that same level of energy for Viola saturating my timelines like those comments about MoNique's unmitigated gall?


There was a resounding, "yes, women of color are paid less but..." But what? "...But MoNique' is wrong. This would never happen to Wanda Sykes. She's funnier..." These and other rude and subjective comments were posted until Wanda hushed the timelines when she announced she was offered even less than MoNique'.


"...But Amy Schumer sold out Madison Square Garden." Does it matter at all that MoNique's main fan base may not have Madison Square Garden ticket money but has $6.99 a month for their subscription?


"...But MoNique's husband manages her so it's her fault she was low-balled." Is this purely just a matter of representation? Are these really just her "poor decisions?" If so, wouldn't she be able to afford effective marketing and negotiators if she too earned more than ten times the offered salary?


Women of color are always faced with having to handle difficult situations with finesse. Some are better than others but still, there's no turn-of-phrase called a "ditzy fro." And although no woman of any hue can afford to be clueless these days, historically, women of color still earn a fraction of the salaries of white women.

Tony Rock thinks it's tacky to count other people's money. Easy for him to say. So what, she hasn't been out there. It's not like she' hasn't been performing. If she were producing a dramatic one-woman show, would people let go of the notion that her offer should be low? Would they still require that she audition? Do we really believe MoNique would earn only 10% of DeRay's viewers? Don't they pretty much have the same audience?


Maybe MoNique' is sly as a fox. Maybe she knew the community would not get so excited by "just the facts." Octavia Spencer laid them out for us. No one said much. There was subtle enthusiasm when she told us Jennifer Chastain helped her renegotiate her contract. Arguably, no one has said it better than Viola Davis just did but there was no shock through the airwaves. Her comments have earned under 50k views and not much commentary over the last couple of weeks but when we add up everything said about MoNique', you will find well over 1M posts and comments.


What will it take to get the community as passionate about equitable pay and opportunity... without threatening our remote control?