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Indiefemme presents

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of our brilliant ancestors


We're here to change that...

But we don't believe Zora would be satisfied if we revisit her work alone.
She had a lot of friends (and foes) who shaped her writing and formed her unique perspective on life.
How dare we allow the work of so many brilliant minds to slip away. 


The Indiefemme Inc. team will secure the proper permission to recreate titles written by some of the following literary contributors who spent their lives focused on the advancement of racial justice, cultural understanding, and the freedom of every living soul on this pale blue dot called Earth. 


  1. ZORA

  2. A. Philip Randolph

  3. Aaron Douglas

  4. Adam Clayton Powell

  5. Alain Locke

  6. Amy Ashwood Garvey &

  7. Amy Jacques Garvey

  8. Angela Grimke´

  9. Annie Nathan Meyer

  10. Annie Pope Malone

  11. Arna Bontemps

  12. Booker T. Washington

  13. Bruce Nugent

  14. Carl Van Vechten

  15. Carter G. Woodson

  16. Charles S. Johnson

  17. Charlotte Osgood Mason

  18. Cotton Club

  19. Claude McKay

  20. Countee Cullen

  21. Cromell & Crumwell

  22. Dorothy West

  23. Dwight O W Holmes

  24. Earnest Everett Just

  25. Eslanda Robeson

  26. Fannie Hurst

  27. Franz Boas

  28. Frederic William Wile

  29. Georgia Douglas Johnson

  30. Gladys Bentley

  31. Helene Johnson

  32. James Weldon Johnson

  33. Jessie Fauset

  34. Karl Marx

  35. Katherine Dunham

  36. Kelly Miller

  37. Kossulo Cujo Lewis

  38. Langston Hughes

  39. Louise Thompson Patterson

  40. Marcus Garvey

  41. Marie Laveau

  42. Margaret Murray Washington

  43. Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings

  44. May Miller

  45. Melville Herskovits

  46. Miguel Corrivbias

  47. Nancy Cunard

  48. Nora Holt

  49. Paul Robeson

  50. Ruby McCollum

  51. Sterling Brown

  52. Stetson Kennedy

  53. W.E.B. DuBois

  54. Wallace Thurman

  55. Walter White

  56. William Pickens

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